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Monday, October 4, 2010

A learning we will go..

Ok I have fun today..I played on this and got some buttons up. 

I played with some of my new gifts..Created a page.. Now I found out how to put a picture up.  Always learning here.
  Many Thanks  to the two ladies listed on the bottom of the page for their help..I enjoyed each part of getting this up.


smiekeltje said...

'Hi, I tried the shoutbox but didn;t seem to work. Okay, I'll do it here
You've made a real nice layout. And we all started by trying and dumping and trying again and slowly learning from it LOL! Every time you will discover more. If you need some hel(don;t know which program you use) you can always ask me. Don't know if I can be of any help, but you never know! I am not at all a wizz kid in this, and I am still learning in PSE8, there is sooooo much in it, aweful! Glad you liked the kit. Have fun!